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The tests are designed to each and every person who wants to find out more about his/her sport-related genes, serving as a powerful tool specially in these areas:

  • Injury prevention - reinforce tissue and weak areas; less injuries, better health.

  • Better nutrition - find your specific needs, consuming more of the good and less of the things that are bad for you.

  • Customized training - we have the same genes, but they all work differently from body to body, and that's why so should be your training.

  • Performance improvement - information is power; knowing how your body works might just give you that edge you're looking for.

Who should do it?

Sports tests were developed to address three main areas: injury prevention, nutrition and performance - all of which may have a huge impact on both professional and amateur athletes. 

With the personalized reports offered, you'll have access to detailed and valuable information on your physiology, enabling you to improve your results based on the latest genetic advances.

Did you know that some recents studies suggest that up to 50% of your atheltic abilities may come from genetics?

What is it?
Why should I do it?


as we use the latest technologies to deliver information that's never been available before - get greater benefits from your physical activity.



providing insightful tips and knowledge which can be used to improve your overall results by personalizing your workload and intensity.

Train harder. Play longer,


learning your body's propensity to some kinds of injuries, thus helping you design your training in a way to reduce the chances of them ever happening.

It's scientific,


and reliable, developed by specialists in genetics and sports medicine, having already been used in several  top athletes and world-known soccer clubs - we have several scientifc papers published to prove it!


We send you a kit, and from a saliva sample we scan over 20 genes related to sport performance, including some related to tissue repair, muscle development, macronutrients metabolism, omega 4 needs, salt sensitivity and more, returning a thorough report as fast as 3 weeks.

How is it done?

Sobre o Laboratório Genia


O Laboratório Genia possui mais de 20 anos de experiência em biologia molecular e serviços de análise de DNA, atuando em toda América Latina.

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